Top 3 Causes Of Tooth Loss Among Adults

Having excellent oral habits and hygiene is essential to the longevity of your teeth. Among children, losing teeth is part of a normal stage in life, unlike for adults. However, some may neglect to take good care of their teeth when they become adults, which is detrimental to their health. It may result in tooth loss, which is stressful and costly to remedy and can impact your confidence negatively. So, what are the lead causes of tooth loss in adults?

Neglected Oral Care

Poor oral care leads to gum disease. Like many adults, you may face a busy schedule, which might cause you to skip out on doing some essential things. For example, you may brush your teeth less frequently than recommended or do it too fast in passing. Unfortunately, poor dental hygiene causes the accumulation of harmful bacteria on the teeth and gums. This leads to inflammation of the gums, known as gingivitis.

If left untreated, gingivitis turns into gum disease, leading to teeth loss. Thus, it is prudent to practice effective oral care. It would also be best to visit a reputable family dentist for dental exams and advice on safeguarding your dental health.

Undesirable Eating Habits

Poor eating habits are another common cause of teeth loss among adults. This is especially the case with sugary foods that settle between the teeth, causing tooth decay. Besides this, foods with high acidity are a leading cause of wearing enamel. Once the enamel is eaten away, the teeth become weak and eventually fall out.

Therefore, consuming foods with low acidity and sugar content is wise so you are not vulnerable to tooth decay or loss. Instead, go for foods that are good for your oral health, e.g., milk, vegetables, and whole grain, in addition to drinking enough water. Ensure that you also schedule an appointment with a family dentist in your area for regular check-ups to reduce your chances of potential tooth loss in the future.


Accidents are unforeseen and result in some adults suffering tooth loss from dental injuries. Examples include sports injuries, falls, vehicle accidents, etc. In such cases, you might have chipped teeth or lose the tooth altogether. It is prudent to embrace preventive measures where possible. This includes wearing protective gear while riding a bike and fastening your seat belt when driving. Nonetheless, if you lose a tooth, you can consult your dental practitioner about replacing it with artificial teeth.

Take conscientious care of your dental health to prevent teeth loss. A good place to start is to embrace the habit of brushing your teeth at least twice a day and changing your toothbrush at least every few months. Also, do not forget to schedule regular dental visits.

For more information, contact a family dentist near you.