What Normally Happens At The Dental Office During A Visit For A Dental Cleaning?

Have you ever wondered what is going on inside your mouth when your dentist is performing a dental cleaning? While you know that he or she is carefully cleaning the teeth and gums, you may have no idea what is actually going on with all the different tools that the dentist is using in your mouth. Although you may not know what is going on, there are several steps that a dentist must take to remove plaque, remove surface stains, and polish the teeth to leave them cleaner and even healthier than they were before. In fact, dental cleaning is so beneficial to the teeth that it is something that you should have done at least twice a year. Some people like to have it done even more than that.

Checking For Any Problems

Before the dentist gets started with the cleaning, he or she may begin looking inside the mouth with dental mirrors. These mirrors are attached to a piece of equipment that conveniently fits perfectly inside the mouth without causing any discomfort. The purpose of using the mirror inside the mouth is to quickly identify and possible problems that are noticeable. For example, the dentist may quickly notice some signs of decay on several of your teeth, including your molars that are all the way in the back of the mouth. While the dentist will still have X-rays performed, being able to spot any signs of decay is important for the dentist because then he or she can offer to provide you with fillings.

Taking X-Rays of Your Teeth

Some dentists like to have X-rays of the teeth taken before they begin the cleaning process. It helps to have these X-rays because then the dentist can easily identify any problems that were too hard to detect with the use of the dental mirror. There are times when patients have tiny cavities that are just developing, and the X-rays make it possible for those small cavities to easily be identified.

Using the Periodontal Scaler

After the dentist has had time to carefully check the teeth, he or she will begin removing any bits of plaque that are on the teeth while using a periodontal scaler. The scaler may look like a dangerous tool because it is sharp, but the dentist knows how to use it properly to quickly and easily remove both plaque and tartar, both of which can appear on the teeth. Having the plaque and tartar removed is a must. If it does not get removed, it will cause discoloration of the teeth and might even lead to bad breath. It can lead to gum disease and may even cause more decay to develop. When you want to have healthy teeth that naturally look clean, you should make sure to go to your dentist for those dental cleanings where the periodontal scaler is used.

Giving the Teeth a Glossy Touch

As a finishing touch, the dentist is going to use a polisher on the teeth that will give them such a glossy glow. They will naturally look whiter and far brighter than they looked in the past. It even helps to remove some of those surface stains that may have developed recently, especially if you are someone who regularly drinks darker beverages, such as soda and coffee. A dental polishing only takes a few minutes and is the perfect way to finish up with a dental cleaning.

Now that you are fully aware of what is going on inside your mouth when your dentist is completing a dental cleaning, you should make sure to book your dental appointments regularly. Sometimes people get a bit too busy and they forget to take that trip to the dental office. However, dental cleaning is genuinely good for your teeth and is the best thing you can do to keep them healthy.