3 Major Reasons To Choose Dental Implants

Are your teeth past the point where they can be saved? Have you taken relatively good care of your mouth but it simply wasn't enough? For a lot of people, there comes a time when there is no longer any point in trying to keep the teeth you have. Although there may be a stigma attached to this for some people, the reality is that it's often an inevitability due simply to genetics. But now that you've come to this crossroads, you have a decision to make: traditional dentures or implants. Although each choice has its pros and cons, implants are typically the better choice. The reasons for this include the following.

Preserve jawbone: Without your teeth to support, the bones under your gums will essentially start to melt away. As a result, with traditional dentures, you'll be forced to have them reshaped or relined every 3-5 years or so in order to match the shape of your shifting gum line. With dental implants, the implants themselves will perform a function similar to your natural teeth. Anchored in the bone, the posts that hold the artificial teeth in place will try to shift slightly with the pressure of being used, tricking your body into thinking that your natural teeth are still in place and encouraging your body to keep the bone strong because of this.

Eat more foods: There are some foods that are hard enough that they can damage any tooth, whether natural or artificial. But when you have dentures, you have to be even more careful. A steak or various nuts may not damage the teeth themselves but the strength required to chew them can cause traditional dentures to shift and fall out of place. With dental implants, this isn't something to worry about in the same way. The posts that the teeth snap onto will hold them in place much more securely than any denture adhesive could ever hope to do.

More comfortable: One of the biggest advantages to dental implants versus traditional dentures is that you can almost forget that you even have them in place. Even with the best denture adhesive, traditional dentures can be uncomfortable and may never fit very well. Even with multiple visits to your dentist for refittings, traditional dentures and the necessary adhesives may irritate your gum tissue. None of this is true with implants where hypoallergenic titanium rods will hold the teeth in place instead of relying on some paste or cream to do the job.

For more information about dental implants, talk to a local dentist.