3 Benefits Of Choosing Plastic Aligners Instead Of Traditional Braces

Many people have crooked teeth, and while traditional braces are still common, Invisalign braces are becoming more popular, especially among older patients who don't want metal braces. If your dentist has suggested braces, but traditional braces don't appeal to you, check out these three benefits of plastic Invisalign aligners.

They Are Comfortable and Invisible

Metal braces are difficult to hide from yourself and everyone else. The wires and brackets aren't comfortable and may jab your cheek or gums. The metal stands out against your white teeth, making them easy to spot. However, Invisalign uses invisible plastic aligners. The plastic is smooth with no protruding pieces, so the aligners are comfortable to wear. They are also difficult to see because they are clear and fit snugly against each individual tooth, which is why they are popular among older patients who may experience embarrassment with traditional braces.

They Are Removable

Another problem with traditional braces is you can't remove them. Once they are placed, the dentist doesn't remove them until treatment ends. The invisible aligners you use if you choose Invisalign can and must be removed occasionally. You must remove them to eat and/or drink anything but water. This helps prevent damage, but it also stops food, bacteria or plaque from getting trapped in the aligners. After eating, you must brush your teeth (and floss, if possible) before putting the aligners back. Again, this is to prevent bacteria and plaque from damaging teeth.

They May Be Better for Teeth  

Aligners may actually be better for your teeth because of their many benefits. Conventional braces may damage teeth because of the metal. In particular, the brackets may promote tooth decay or demineralization. Similarly, because of the brackets and inability to remove the braces, it can be difficult to clean teeth when you have metal braces. For this reason, you may even need to avoid certain foods, but even "braces-friendly" foods can be difficult to remove from braces. Last, the force used to move teeth with traditional braces may cause damage, and if your teeth are weak, they may not withstand the pressure. Invisible aligners move teeth slower and more gently. Instead of sudden adjustments to tighten the braces, a series of aligners is used to gradually move teeth.

There are many options for straighter teeth, but Invisalign aligners make the process more discrete and less painful than traditional braces. If you have been putting off getting braces, it's time you get the smile you deserve. For more information regarding invisible braces, contact a dentist in your area today.