How To Take Your “Killer Clown” Smile To Just “Killer” Smile

Not everyone is born with the perfect smile. In fact, if you were to look at old photos of famous people smiling, you might be very surprised to find that many of them had crooked teeth and weird smiles. If you hate smiling because you think your smile would frighten people or break camera lenses, there is a remedy for that.

It is called the "smile makeover services package," and most cosmetic dentists offer this package of services. It completely overhauls your smile into a thing of beauty. Here are the services included in this package. (If you do not need or want any one service, then you can skip that service.)

Dental Implants

The first service included in a smile makeover package is dental implants. If you have any missing or dead teeth, the cosmetic dentist will craft implants to fit in place with the missing teeth and replace the dead teeth that need to be pulled anyway. It is actually easier to place implants in spaces where dead teeth currently exist because the holes that the dead teeth leave behind when they are finally pulled make implant surgery a lot less complicated. If you do not need any implants, your dentist will skip this and start crowns, veneers, and whitening services.


Porcelain crowns are the preferred crowns in a smile makeover package because they most closely resemble real teeth. If you have any broken or fractured teeth, your dentist will first ascertain that these are still living teeth. Then your damaged teeth would be crowned to make them appear perfect.


In the event that you have some crooked teeth, an intermediate step (i.e., an extra step taken between two of the usual steps) is taken. This is the installation of braces. Typically, you can choose between sublingual braces or invisible/removable braces so that no one can see the braces when you smile, talk, or laugh.


The next step in the makeover process is veneers. If you choose veneers, and if your teeth are not that crooked, then your dentist will bond veneers to all of your front teeth. If you have a really wide smile where a lot of your teeth are visible, veneers will be applied to all visible teeth, except first and second molars.


Whitening is the last step in perfecting your smile. Any teeth not crowned, implanted, or veneered are whitened to match the rest. Now you have that "killer" smile you have always wanted.

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