Why Use White Dental Fillings

If your dentist says you need a cavity, you may immediately think about how it will be filled with a metal filling. However, you may want to ask about using a white dental filling instead. There are several benefits to using a filling that has a natural color, which can convince you to go with this more expensive filling.

White Fillings Look Better

A primary reason that patients select a white dental filling is that it looks much better when placed in the tooth. The white resin color, even if it is not an exact match to the natural tooth, will blend in very well with the remaining tooth. Other people won't notice that you have a filling, which is especially important for teeth that are close to the front of your mouth.

White Fillings Won't Corrode

A problem with a metal dental filling is that they can corrode over time. This will eventually cause the filling to form a gap around the edge, which can cause bacteria to reach the exposed part of the tooth. While you thought your cavity was fixed with a metal filling, it can actually get worse when you least expect it.

Dealing with a corroded filling later in life can potentially lead to an unnecessary root canal if the damage becomes too great. Chances are that you won't feel the pain until the decay has reached the point of needing a root canal.

Meanwhile, a white dental filling doesn't have this problem. It is made from a composite resin, which is designed to simulate what an actual tooth would look and feel like. This makes it an ideal choice of material for a filling.

White Fillings Will Be Easier To Install

One unexpected benefit of using a white dental filling is that it will be easier for a dentist to install. This is due to the resin material that sticks to the tooth much better than the metal material. A shallow cavity will require less drilling, simply due to the material you are using to fill it.

White Fillings Will Be Less Sensitive

Ever hear about how metal fillings can increase the temperature sensitivity of a tooth? That is caused by the metal that conducts the heat very well. A resin filling won't have this behavior, and you'll won't have the extreme temperature reaction when eating ice cream or drinking hot coffee.

Still not convinced? Ask your dentist about more benefits of using a white dental filling.