What To Do If Your Dental Crown Comes Off On A Remote Mountain Trail

If you are out hiking in the mountains and your dental crown comes off while you are eating some beef jerky on the trail, then it is important that you know how to manage the situation until you can reach your dentist's office and have the crown re-cemented on your tooth. You may be in great pain or you may not have any pain at all. And, the actions you take in the hours between the time you lose your crown and the time you can get an emergency appointment with your dentist can determine if your crown can be reattached or if you will need other dental treatment.

In the hours following the loss of your dental crown, follow this procedure:

Step 1: Wash Off the Crown and Place it Back Over Your Tooth

If you are fortunate, your dental crown will still fit snugly over the remaining tooth that it was adhered to. If this is the case, then you should wash the tooth off with some clean water and then put the crown back over the tooth. If the crown stays in place, then you should leave it in your mouth and take care not to chew food on it before you have a chance to have it re-cemented. 

Step 2: Wash and Store the Crown if It Won't Stay in Place

If your crown will not stay on the tooth that it was attached to without glue, then you should wash it off with clean water and place it into a plastic bag in your hiking pack. You should never let a loose crown stay in your mouth because you could accidentally swallow it or it could come off while eating and damage another one of your other teeth.

Step 3: Call for an Emergency Dental Appointment 

If you have cell phone service in the place where you are hiking, then you should call your dentist and ask for an emergency appointment. If you are a long way from home, see if you can find a local dentist who can help you. Since re-cementing your crown is a simple thing, most dentists would be happy to help you out.

Step 4: Treat Your Dental Pain with What You Have in Your Backpack

Finally, if you have pain from your crown falling off, then you potentially have many things in your backpack that could help. If you have salt, then you can mix some with water and rinse to relieve your pain. If you are carrying an over-the-counter pain medication, then take some of that to take the edge off of your pain while getting yourself to the dentist.

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