Everything You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening Pens

Do you have an upcoming event, and you need a fast, non-invasive teeth whitening treatment? Try the teeth whitening pen. Below is everything you need to know about the pen.

Teeth Whitening Pen: What Is It?

It is a tooth whitening product that assumes the shape of a pen and is among the numerous over-the-counter whitening treatments. Inside the pen's tube is a whitening gel that you will need to apply to your teeth as you brush.

Given the effectiveness of using teeth whitening pens, they are an ideal option when you want a fast-whitening treatment for your teeth. You will notice the changes in your teeth' color in a relatively short time.

How Does the Pen Work?

There are two main reasons teeth become stained. It could either be due to color pigments found in food and beverages like coffee that stains teeth over time or the consistent use of tobacco products like cigarettes containing tar and nicotine.

The gel inside the pen works by dissolving the stains on your enamel, making your teeth appear lighter. Thus, with frequent use, the gel continues to dissolve all the stains until your teeth become completely white.

There are two main categories of whitening pens: one whose gel contains carbamide peroxide and one whose gel contains hydrogen peroxide. Both are peroxide-based bleaches that work by dissolving the teeth' stain. Peroxide is a popular active ingredient in different teeth whitening treatments due to its effectiveness.

Although both peroxide gels are highly effective ingredients, each works differently. Carbamide peroxide will take significantly longer to break down and release its whitening effects on application. However, once released, the effects last longer. On the other hand, hydrogen peroxide takes less time to break down, and thus, discharges its whitening effects for a shorter duration.

How Long Until You See Results?

The effectiveness of these pens will depend on several factors, like the cause of discoloration and the frequency of use. There are different types of stains; therefore, while using pens can be highly effective to clear out yellow stains, it could take significantly longer for the pen to clear gray stains.

Nonetheless, with proper use, you can see results after several applications. You will need to use the pen for a few weeks, during which the effects will be visible.

Are You Still Not Getting Desirable Results?

You deserve to achieve a whiter smile and share your radiance with the world. If you have previously used whitening pens but didn't notice any changes, consider visiting a dentist. A dentist is licensed to use higher concentrated products which guarantee instant results.