Three Dental Issues You May Need To Have Treated

Over your life, there are several different dental problems that you will likely experience at some point. When you experience dental problems, there can be substantial pain and sizable cosmetic impacts. In particular, there are several issues that you may need help from dental services to have treated.

Swollen Gums

When a person is not effective at keeping their teeth clean, they can be prone to developing gum disease. One of the first warning signs of developing gum disease will be the gum swelling around the base of the teeth. This is due to the gum tissue being irritated by being exposed to tartar and plaque on the teeth. In some instances, damage to the teeth can result in the gums swelling. This is especially common when a patient has developed an abscess as the infection will lead to localized swelling of the gums.


Teeth that have sustained substantial staining will cause your smile to appear dull, discolored or just generally compromised. Staining can be an extremely difficult problem to avoid as these stains can come from the pigments that are found in many of the foods and beverages that you may consume. Eliminating minor stains that occur can be done by using a home whitening kit. However, deeper stains are unlikely to be removed by these kits as they may need professional treatment. Some individuals may attempt to eliminate stubborn stains by leaving home whitening kits on their teeth longer than advised, but this can actually damage the teeth. In contrast, professional dental services can use modern whitening methods, such as laser whitening, to remove any stains from the teeth.

Repairing Cracked Teeth

Cracking your teeth can instantly ruin your smile, and it can also be extremely painful as it may expose the nerve of the tooth. Additionally, the broken section of the tooth is going to be far more vulnerable to decay as the outer layer of enamel that protects the teeth will be compromised. Your dentist can repair cracks to your teeth using one of several methods. In some situations, bonding can be used to rebuild the section of the tooth that has been cracked. Undergoing this procedure will be similar to receiving a filling, as the dentist will need to prepare the surface of the tooth before applying the bonding filler. In other instances, crowns may be needed to completely cover the tooth so that it will be protected and reinforced.