Deciding If Dental Implants Are The Right Choice For Your Dental Restoration

If you need to have restorative dental work done, implant dentures might be one of your options. Implants have many benefits, but you still have to consider if they're right for you. Your dentist can help you decide by comparing implants to your other options. Here are some other things you may want to think about when making your decision.

You Want To Avoid Embarrassment That Comes With Dentures 

Dentures are suitable in some cases, but they have their drawbacks. They can slip and pop out when you least expect it. When you laugh, chew, or speak, the movement can cause the dentures to slip out of place and cause an embarrassing situation. The risk of this problem is even greater as you age and develop bone loss in your jaw -- the dentures will no longer fit well. 

One sure way to avoid the potential for being embarrassed by dentures that fall out of your mouth when you eat is to have implants put in. The implants hold your dentures firmly to the bone in your mouth so that the dentures won't move around.

You Want Teeth That Look Natural

Implants are about as close to natural teeth as you can get. The implant part screws into your bone and acts as a root replacement. You can have an individual crown, bridge, or denture attached to the implant. When the artificial teeth are made of porcelain, they look natural because porcelain has a sheen and reflects light in a natural way. Also, the implants are snug in your mouth so that the dentures take on a more natural look than they would if they slip around. Implants help you achieve a smile that looks healthy and natural. That could be an important benefit for you if you've lived with decaying or bad teeth for a long time before the dental restoration.

You're In Good Health And Suitable For The Procedure

Your dentist evaluates your medical history to determine if your health is good enough to withstand the implant procedure. If you're in relatively good health, you should be a good candidate for dental implants since there is no upper age limit. Older people benefit from implants as much as younger people. Older people may even benefit more since having good teeth is important for proper nutrition that keeps you healthy as you age. You may have a choice of anesthesia if you're concerned about being put to sleep, so be sure to discuss all your options with your dentist and your doctor too if it will put your mind at ease.

Dental implants can make a big difference in your life by allowing you to eat a wider range of foods and by allowing you to feel self-confident about your smile. Getting implants may not be a decision you take lightly, but once you have all the facts and compare the options, you may decide they're the ideal solution for your dental restoration.