Are Bad Teeth Really Hereditary?

If you have really bad teeth that constantly have problems, you might be wondering if you inherited this problem. If you have bad teeth and want to know if this is a problem you inherited, continue reading. Scientists believe that bad teeth are inherited, but only to some extent, and here are some details about this that you should know.

Science explains bad teeth as a combination of two things

Researchers have conducted many tests and research to find out if the condition of a person's teeth has anything to do with heredity and genes. As they research this subject, the answers have become fairly clear that there are two main factors that cause a person to have bad teeth. The first factor is the genes the person inherited from his or her parents, and the other factor is the person's personal hygiene habits.

How genes play a role in a person's tooth health

The genes you inherit from your parents can determine how big or small your teeth are, and they can determine the size of your jawbone. If you have a very small jawbone, for example, you might end up with overcrowding of your teeth, and this can lead to oral health problems if left untreated. Additionally, the density of your tooth enamel is also hereditary. You might be born with extremely strong enamel or thin, weak enamel, and this is a trait you inherit. Scientists believe that heredity controls around 60% of your tooth health. The other 40% of your tooth health is reliant upon your personal hygiene habits.

How hygiene plays a role in a person's tooth health

If you inherited traits that cause you to have weak, bad teeth, you still have a lot of control over your oral health through your daily habits. Taking care of your teeth through good brushing habits and other types of habits can help you control the amount of decay, plaque, and other problems you have with your teeth. If you eat the right foods and avoid the wrong ones, you can keep your teeth stronger and healthier too. No matter what type of teeth you were born with, you still have a lot of control over their health.

Having bad teeth might be something you inherited to some degree; however, you also have control over your oral health through your daily habits. If you would like to learn more about oral health and good daily habits, visit a local dental clinic like Reconstructive & Implant Dental - Edward M Amet DDS today.