Some Things You Should Know About A Root Canal

Root canals happen all the time. There are many people who get root canals and heal just fine and never have problems with the tooth again. It is important for people to know what to do to care for a root canal and when to seek treatment. Here are some things you should know:

How Do I Know If I Need A Root Canal?

There are many things that can be a sign of a root canal. One of the most common signs is pain. You will feel an aching pain right by the gums of the tooth. This is because usually when there is decay in a tooth deep enough is exposes the nerve right by the tooth. This means that every time you eat something, or even if you just swallow wrong, it will cause excruciating pain. It is not usual for a person who needs a root canal to have a hard time sleeping, eating or just doing anything without serious painkillers. Thus, if you have tooth pain, make sure you see a dentist right away.

Another sign is sensitivity to hot and cold. You may not feel pain, but you will feel strange sensations to hot and cold foods whenever they touch that part of your mouth. Once again this is because a nerve is exposed, but perhaps not as open as when you feel pain. Still, it should be treated.

What Does A Root Canal Feel Like?

Luckily, a root canal is a pretty painless process once you get the process started. The endodontist will numb your entire mouth, or could even put you under some sort of anesthesia. The numbing will make it so you feel no pain in the nerve or around the tooth. Then the process will seem mostly like a normal filling of your tooth. The endodontist will clean out the decaying part of the tooth and then either replace it with a filling or most likely a crown. This happens when the part that was decayed was too big, which is more normal for people who need root canals.

How Do You Care For A Root Canal?

After your tooth has been treated, you can eat and use it just like any normal tooth. You shouldn't have to worry anymore about eating on that side. The only thing you should look at for is more pain, or if the filling or crown falls off, which is not common.

By doing these things you can be prepared for a root canal. Contact a company like Top Dental for more information and assistance.