Going Through The Process Of Getting Dental Implants

Were you barely left with any full teeth after a large portion of them decayed? If the problem has led to you not being able to chew certain types of food and you want to fix it, speaking to a cosmetic dentist is in your best interest. He or she might be able to replace your missing teeth with dental implants. However, the condition of your jawbones will play a role in whether or not you are the right candidate for the procedure. This article will give you an explanation of what to expect with the dental implant process.

1. Your Oral Health Will Likely Be Treated

Due to your teeth being so badly decayed, your overall oral health is likely in a bad condition as well. You will not be able to get dental implants if there is an infection in your mouth, but you can after the infection has been treated. The reason why is the infection can become worse and cause problems throughout your body.

A dentist will examine your gums for abscesses, as they are a clear sign of an infection being present. He or she will also determine if you are suffering from gum disease so it can be properly treated.

2. An X-Ray of Your Jawbones Will Be Taken

One step that must be done to ensure that you are a good candidate for dental implants is for an x-ray to be taken of your jawbones. The reason the condition of your jawbones is important is they must be strong enough to prevent the implants from falling out. An x-ray will let the dentist know if you will need to undergo bone grafting or not, which will be necessary if your jawbones are weak and you want implants installed. Bone grafting can be done by replacing your weak jawbones with healthy bones from your body. Cadaver, animal, and artificial bones are other options for replacing weak jawbones.

3. The Dental Implant Process Will Begin

If your jawbones are in good shape, either before or after you undergo bone grafting, the dental implant process will begin. The cosmetic dentist will begin by sedating you, and you might also be administered an injection of antibiotics to fight infections. He or she will proceed by drilling holes in the areas of your jawbones in which the implants will be installed. After you have the metal posts part of the implant in place, you will be sent home to heal. Artificial teeth will be installed after the healing period as passed. 

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